5 Ways to Manifest More Money With the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is realy powerful if you now how to use it, to make the law attraction effective you have to overcome the following barriers:


Young businesswoman with her piggy bank.

1. You`re still captured in your old experiences.

According to studies, researchers now believe that every human being processes between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts every single day;

90% of them are the same thoughts we have over and over.

This leaves us with a simple question which is: How could you change your life if 90% of your daily thoughts are the same negative and limiting ones of yesterday and the day before?

The answer is simple. If getting results is the only thing that changes negative thoughts – the most effective way at least – then why dont you program your mind to start taking action frequently and immediately regardless of your emotional state??? Im sure it will bring you results.


2. You're not considering the importance of success for your well-being.

images_content_successful-man-in-suit-workingMy whole life has changed once I started approaching success as my duty, obligation and responsibility.

~ Grant Cardone, Multi-Millionaire salesman and the author of the New York Times bestseller Sell or Be Sold

When you approach success with an “I Kinda want it” attitude you rarely get it.

When you realize that you are responsible for how successful or unsuccessful you are, you then realize that you will be hurting yourself if you don't go after success full throttle.

A curious trend is that many people who hit rock bottom succeed big after it. The majority of people are unconsciously waiting for it, thinking rock bottom is the only way for them to get enough motivation to succeed.


hand holding money3. You believe that happiness is not found in money.

What happiness is there to wake up early in the morning when you don't want to, just to go to work so you'd be able to pay the bills?
What happiness is there in working in a job that you can`t stand just to make enough money to put food on the table?
Despite the fact that you have to work hard to get it; the abundance of money
can – not will but can – give you freedom;



  • The freedom to stay in your warm bed in a cold, rainy morning.
  • The freedom to create what feels like you – and still make more money – without having to discuss it with an old-fashioned boss or manger who won't, can't and doesn't want to understand you.
  • The freedom to visit different places.
  • The freedom to go to new events, meet different people and try different experiences.
  • Money will even give you the power to hire those who can to help you do and learn what you can`t do or learn yourself.
  • Money can leave you alone – yes, sometimes – but its absence will leave you sad, negative and eventually alone.
  • Money can get people stab you from behind – yes, sometimes – but the absence of the power that comes with money can make others step on you or even crush you.
  • Money can negatively affect your code of morality – maybe – but what about those who kill, rob and even sell their bodies out of poverty?

If you don`t believe that at least one part of your happiness relies on the abundance of money, then you my friend are having a huge problem. Money is just an exchange of energy – and without money it is like you have no energy to create what you want.


4. You believe you`re too old to reach success.sand absorbs time and money

There are examples of many successful people who managed to build fame and make huge amounts of money after starting at an old age.

The “I`m –too-old-for-this” excuse that you keep repeating is unconvincing.

Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, J.K Rowling, JacK Ma and Taikichiro Mori – the world richest man in the early 1990 who left the academic life at the age of 55 – all are examples for real people who have reached success despite their age or their past, negative experiences.

You may not be a billionaire, but you can make more money than you can ever imagine if you just take action and start working towards it.


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5. Actively start using the law of attraction.

One of the best ways to use the law of attraction to attract more money is through bed-time visualization. Spend the last few minutes before sleep thinking about building a better future and achieving more goals.

  • With each goal I set my eyes on; I start by creating a clear path for this goal inside my head during the first few days of my visualization routine.
  • I`m simply trying to remove all barriers and obstacles that I know will face me during the journey towards my goal so I can make it easier for my mind to see me achieving this goal.
  • I have practiced this simple technique over and over and I know it will work for you if you try it.

Just remove obstacles then watch yourself winning. I bet you will do great job with it.


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