Why Cold Calling is dead and what to use today for generate thousands of leads on autopilot

Cold calling is ineffective, inefficient, and unpleasant for those on both ends of the phone. But why does so many companies still use this tactics and teaches there sales people to use them? Well most is still stuck in the old fashion way that worked 20 years ago and think that every tactic will work forever, they can’t keep up on what have changed.
But there is a solution that big marketing agencies to small “one man entrepreneurs” have used the last decades to generate thousands of leads just with these tactics, and it is called Digital Marketing.
Internet is changing for every year and the people that knows this is reaping gold between their fingertips.
So what is the strategies exactly when it comes to digital marketing?

How to grow your business using social media

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Social media has been god-sent for public relations and marketing owing to the fact that it connects easily with the audience. People consume media, through these social media channels and even communicate with each other through the medium. Nearly every individual in the US is present on Facebook while all the media professionals are on Twitter. But the popularity is no way a clear picture of the utility of social media for your business growth.

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Content Marketing

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It is no wonder why blogs have big the couple of years and it is a great way to build trust in your brand. If you can give great value, solve a problem or teaches something from only a blog post you will have much bigger chance to convert that reader to lead and a sale later. But your blog needs to have some relevance to what they need. For example say that you sell hair styling products, then you can create a blogpost on how to get your hair styling ready for the party in no time, and then have some pictures and text describing this. This will build trust in your brand because you have provided something of value. In fact, 61 percent of consumers say they feel more comfortable and are more likely to buy from a company that provides them with custom content. So make sure you build an effective on-site and off-site inbound strategy that drives engaged users to your website when they are looking for more information.
We recommend using WordPress when building your homepage/blog.

Create your squeeze page to get leads

So when you have done all this built your homepage, built your Facebook page etc. then it is time to convert them to leads and then you need a landing page or squeeze page. Have you ever landed on a web page, started reading the content and then clicked a link advertising a free product if you enter your email address? That’s a squeeze page. So when you have implemented this on your homepage you will have like an auto generating prospect machine on your homepage, generating leads all day long that have taking the steps saying yes I am interesting in what you have to offer! Because when you have their name and email you can convert them to you customer.
Here is some resources on how to build your squeeze page.

examples on squeeze pages